About Us


My name is John Lee and I proudly make the Rushcarry holsters. This was initially created for myself as I worked late nights in a high crime area and wanted an option for non-lethal defense. As a 2nd trial, I made the pepper spray holster for a friend who drives people around for a living. He loves that he can conceal it to not offend clients and it's immediately accessible without fumbling through pockets or car compartments (especially in the dark).

The pepper spray holster is concealable, immediately accessible (even while sitting), and comfortable to carry all day. It's an everyday carry for the office, gym, grocery store, vehicle, anywhere.

The average 911 response time is 10-15 minutes. Although understandable, I'm not going to risk me and my family's safety by relying on someone else who might show up 10-15 minutes after the incident. I believe in the individual's freedom to defend and protect.

Welcome, and I hope you enjoy!

- John Lee