About Us


My name is John, and I proudly manufacture Rushcarry holsters. This product was initially created for my personal use as I worked late nights alone in a high-crime area. Los Angeles County virtually denies civilians the right to concealed carry, and I was not willing to rely solely on calling for help that may arrive too late. Carrying a can of pepper spray in the pocket, no matter how compact, was uncomfortable, consumed pocket space, and was not always easy to access, especially when seated.

I also designed the pepper spray holster for a friend who earns his living by driving people around. He appreciates being able to conceal it so as not to offend clients, and its immediate accessibility without the need to fumble through pockets or car compartments, especially in the dark.

The pepper spray holster is concealable, immediately accessible (even while sitting), and comfortable to carry all day. It is suited for everyday carry—be it at the office, the gym, the grocery store, in a vehicle, or anywhere else.

The average 911 response time is between 10-15 minutes, and almost always, emergency responses arrive after an incident has occurred. I believe in an individual's freedom to defend and protect themselves.

Welcome, and stay safe.

- John Lee